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Create FRESH AUTHENTIC INDIAN TASTE IN YOUR KITCHEN  by using Dil Khush specialty blended spices to  prepare  popular Indian  dishes like Chicken Malasa, Butter Chicken , Tandori Chicken, Tandoori Tikka Masala , Lamb/ Curry,  Chicken/Lamb Vindaloo, Basmati Rice Pullao, Dal Masala, & many more!!!!!

 No complicated recipes to follow! No question as to what spices to use! Pre-measured to minimize your preparation time and get perfect taste every time just by adjusting salt & spiciness to your taste.     

                                                             Fresh Regional Dry Spice Blends – Sautee in Seconds

Bursting with Flavor that gets released while cooking

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Product Name

Product Description

Bulk Size

Curry Sauce Masala
 Great for Vegetables, Fish, or Shrimps. Dishes: Peas & Potatoes, Peas & Mushroom curry, Tofu with Green/Red peppers curry. Fish Masala, Fish in coconut curry etc.

Adds an exotic taste to any vegetables or Fish or Shrimp dish. A hearty Indian curry sauce dish can be cooked in less than 20 minutes. For 1lb. of meat/vegetable  sauté 1Tbsp. Of masala  in your choice of oil & quantity with 1Tbsn. tomato paste, sour cream (plain yogurt or whipping cream or coconut milk). Adjust salt & spiciness to your taste.


Good for 30-40lbs. Of vegetables

Kashmiri Chicken/Meat Masala

Great for Chicken legs or thighs, Lamb/Beef kobabs. Dishes: Chicken masala, Butter Chicken, Lamb curry, Beef Curry, Keema (Ground Meat) Masala with peas etc.

A richer version of the Curry Sauce Masala that tastes especially great with red meats, chicken or sea food.  This mix has the same simplicity of preparation as the Curry Sauce Masala but spicier and aromatic.


Good for 30-40lbs. Of Chicken/Lamb/Beef

Bombay  Masala

Great for any vegetable e.g. eggplant, potatoes, cauliflower, okra etc. & FISH


Sauté any vegetable until tender. Add 1 spice. Sauté until well coated. Adjust salt & spiciness.


Good for 30-40 lbs. Of vegetables

Madras  Masala

Great for any vegetable e.g. eggplant, potatoes, cauliflower. Absolutely great with boiled potatoes.


Sauté onions  until soft  add  spice, sauté ,  and add boiled potatoes. Adjust salt. That’s all to a great taste……


Good for 30-40 lbs. Of  vegetables

Basmati Rice Pullao
Great with any combination of vegetables. Makes Vegetable or meat Briyani

Sauté spice and add aromatic basmati rice with mixed vegetables with raisins and nuts. Adjust salt and cook.


Will make 15-25 cups of uncooked rice.

Lentil(Dal) Masala
Great with chopped eggplant, red potatoes, cauliflower, beans etc


This masala has all the spices in right combination to add a great taste by just roasting in oil and adding to the boiled dal (lentil).  Garnish with chopped cilantro and tomatoes.


Good for 25-30lbs of uncooked lentils.


Spicy Mango Chutney

This chutney is exotic spicy chutney with a hint of sweet spices.

1Gallon. jar

Lemon Mango Chutney

This chutney is exotic mildly spicy chutney with a hint of Lemon & sweet spices.

1Gallon. jar

Orange Mango Chutney

This chutney is exotic mildly spicy chutney with a hint of Oranges & sweet spices.

1Gallon. jar

Orange Pepper Chutney

This chutney is spicy hot with tantalizing flavor of oranges.

1Gallon. jar

Tomato Jalapeno  Chutney

This chutney is exotic spicy chutney with a taste of ripe tomatoes with spiciness from jalapenos.

1Gallon. jar

Cilantro Mint Chutney



This is called the bay area’s BEST and lives up to it’s reputation 100%. Made with fresh cilantro & mint.  This product needs refrigeration.

1Gallon. jar

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Dil Khush Fresh-Ground Blends

Paste-Based Competition

Product Format

Dry blends of specially selected freshly-ground spices based on extensive research and trials

Industrially-produced pre-ground bulk spices, sautéed in corn oil and tomato-paste.

Flavor Quality

Issue: Pleasing the tastes of the customer is paramount.

·          Chefs and their customers notice the difference and never go back.

·          Cafeterias featuring dishes prepared with Dil Khush Blends report early sell-outs.

·No chef who has tried and worked with Dil Khush’s products have had anything but praise.

·Institutional canned-tomato flavor some regional institutional chefs in fact refer to these products as “flavored tomato paste”.

·Despite the wide range of products aimed at a spectrum of dishes, most of the dishes come out tasting the same.

Flavor Release

Issue: Indian seasonings classically release their exquisite flavors directly upon first sauté of freshly ground spices.

·Dil Khush provides its selected, carefully prepared seasonings for this key sauté step.

·The critical sauté step is made long before the product is used, leaving key delicate flavors to dissipate in a tomato/vinegar-based paste, which is then bottled for much later use.

Ease of use

·Dry blend quickly and easily measured and dispensed with measuring spoon

·Sauté dry spice blend in chef’s choice of oils, adding yogurts, creams, etc.

·Limited to using oils present in the product.


·Occupies less volume than paste per dish

·Does not require refrigeration

·Four dry blend varieties to cover a comparatively extensive range of curry dishes

·Occupies more volume than dry blend per dish.

·Refrigeration required after opening

·Typically 8-10 paste varieties to cover a comparatively narrow range of curry dishes, complicating inventory

Degradation and Spoilage

·Dry blends retains their exquisite flavor for nearly 1 year of shelf life

·Pastes dry out in the bottle if not used immediately, becoming unappetizing


·Chef is free to successfully embrace a wide range of flavor directions

·Chef is free to choose the quantity, quality, and types of oils

·Pastes force a tomato and fixed oil flavor as well as a fixed minimum quantity of oil


Blends are readily adapted to a wide range of dishes (ex: Kashmiri meat masala makes excellent butter chicken, chicken masala, chicken vindaloo, chicken korma by slight variations in additional seasoning; similar ranges for our other blends)

Separate product required for each dish (ex: a separate specialized product is required for each of excellent butter chicken, chicken masala, chicken vindaloo, chicken korma… difficult and costly to inventory)


·Less cost per serving than pastes

·Less waste due to degradation than pastes

·Less waste due to adherence to utensils and storage jars than pastes

·More cost per serving than blends

·More waste due to degradation than blends

·More waste due to adherence to utensils and storage jars than blends


·Top Indian cuisine chefs in the bay area, airlines head chefs, cafeteria purchasing and operations staff