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Dil Khush

Sulu Lalchandani, owner

PO Box 4542, Foster City, CA 94404




New Re-sealable Foil Packs Make Dil Khush Spice Blends and Rice Mixes Easier to Use, Prepare and Store.


Foster City, CA-- October 2004-- Dil Khush, a gourmet Indian food company, now offers its popular line of dry spice blends and rice mixes in re-sealable foil packs. The new packaging comes complete with simple recipes and shopping lists for versatile meal preparation.


Dil Khush founder, Sulu Lalchandani redesigned the packaging to make it easier for her customers to store and reuse the products. Because each spice blend packet contains enough mix for three to four meals, the new bag lets customers seal up the remaining mix. Another advantage is that cooking instructions are printed directly on each package. This ensures that the recipe recommendations and shopping checklist always remain with the product.


Dil Khush spice blends and rice mixes are popular with campers and hikers who will appreciate the new water-proof, light-weight design of the foil pouch. ďAll the customers have to do is put the ingredients together in the solar cooker and they have gourmet food in the wilderness. Itís better than pre-packaged camping food any day,Ē Lalchandani said.


For the grocery purveyor, Dil Khushís vivid new packaging has greater shelf visibility and can be hung on a peg board or placed on a shelf. The foil pouch also protects the spices from fading from white light and ultraviolet rays. In addition, the labelís prominent shopping checklist for meal preparation can increase sales of other grocery items.


Dil Khush spice blends and rice mixes are available at Piazzaís Fine Foods in San Mateo and Palo Alto, Robertís Market in Palo Alto, the Thursday San Carlos farmersí market, the Saturday Redwood City farmersí market and the Sunday Belmont farmersí market.