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Sattvic/Indian/Vegan food made easy!!!!In minutes....What?/How? Oh Wow !!!How many spices do I need???!!!...Low fat??..Use your own oils??..No complicated recipe to follow! No question what spices to use! Surprised??? Easy to do with Dil Khush premixes...Pre-measured to minimize your preparation time and get perfect taste by just adjusting salt, spiciness to your taste. A perfect beginning to Ayurvedic/Healthy eating. Tantalize and satisfy your taste buds to curb cravings and stay healthy.....

Dil Khush produces an assortment of instant Curries, and rice blends that require little preparation, very simple to make yet great authentic taste. All the masala's are freshly ground and packed in a special bags keeping all the flavors fresh until ready to use. The label contains easy to follow recipe. To get the authentic Indian flavors & taste all you need to do is roast Masala Mix in little oil, add 1-2 tablespoon of tomato paste and 1-2 Tablespoon of sour cream or plain yogurt substitute soymilk products for Vegan preparation, mix well and then add your choice of meat or vegetable, Add water and cook until tender.         Its' that easy!!!!

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The right Indian spices? It's all in the bag(s)March 22, 2005  


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