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"I'm really a beginner at Indian food, but using Dil Khush products makes me look like a cooking pro! The products are just wonderful and so fresh. Her blends work so well."
-- Craig

"The flavor of Dil Khush seasonings is hauntingly familiar yet so delightfully unique. I find myself dependably savoring every bite, and always feel so satisfied and healthfully fed after eating curries using the Dil Khush seasoning. There is nothing like these flavors -- after years of eating and cooking South Asian food, no restaurant or mix or paste has ever even come close."
-- Lester Ludwig

"We have found Dil Khush Indian gourmet spices to be very convenient to use, and including them in our cooking has produced outstanding results. We particularly enjoy the Tandoori Masala and the Kashmiri Meat Masala."
-- Mary and Tom De Vries, Redwood Shores

"Hello!I bought two packs of the Mint & Basmati mix on Saturday at the RWC Farmers Market. Everybody at the church potluck must have liked it, because there sure wasn't any left for me to take home! Fortunately, I had saved out a couple of servings for us to have later in the week. We really liked the Dil Khush Spice Blends. Next time we'll try a different dish. Keep up the good work."
Donna Holm

"Dil Khush Cilantro mint chutney has a delicious, fresh flavor that turns steamed vegetables and low carb tortillas into interesting and satisfying.meals. I have been using this sauce for over a year and I'm addicted! It is my "secret weapon" for eating healthy without feeling deprived or bored..."
-- Ann Baum


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